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Pre-Vacation Rush

Tomorrow morning at this time, The Hubby and I will be comfortably ensconced within our faux-leather seats on a Sun Country flight to Puerto Vallarta. *Sigh* Until we head to bed tonight, tho''s an all-out effort to make sure everything's done before leaving.

Now, some of you might be thinking, "but wait, didn't you just go down there?" Indeed I did. The 2010 PV Trip #1 was short but fun. My friend and I zipped down for a long weekend to 'crash' at the condo during my mom's "Girls' Week." Pretty fun, especially since it was said friend's first time to a tropical beach. Quite the experience!

This trip, however, will be less supervised. I.e., no parental units will be onsite. For this trip – 2010 PV Trip #2 – it'll be Clint, his sister, her husband, and I for an entire week of sun, beach, relaxation and in all probability more than Dos Equis.

It'll actually be a working vacation for Clint and I. Him because of work he'll be doing for ThinkSEM clientele; me because my mom wants new photos for the condo website – she had some painting done and updated the d├ęcor of a couple rooms – and she also wants video footage to show prospective renters. So, a valid reason to bring down not only our new HD video camera but also some fun lenses for my SLR.

Anyway, while we're both scrambling around today trying to get everything in its place before the vacation, we know tomorrow all worries will melt away...nothing says "relaxation" like comfy flip-flops on the feet, hot sun on your shoulders and a cold drink in each hand!