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Miss Becky's Halloween Haven in Robbinsdale, MN

When my sister and her family moved to their house on Islemount Place in Robbinsdale a few years ago, they had no idea they'd be living next door to a local Halloween legend. "Miss Becky," as she's fondly called by my nieces (and the rest of my family, come to think of it), loves Halloween. In fact, it's her favorite holiday.

"It's the one time where it's a community event and everyone is out participating," she says in her interview with Channel 12 News. She spends the entire day turning her corner lot into Robbinsdale's Halloween Haven for the evening. Two tunnels mark the entrances to her yard, where the kids can meander through and see every single one of her decorations. And it's not just for the kids – the adults get into it, too.

My brother-in-law told Channel 12, "It puts a smile on my face." And why wouldn't it? My nieces think it's pretty cool to not only live next to Miss Becky's Halloween extravaganza (which comes with certain bragging rights among the neighborhood kids); they get to help test it out before the evening's trick-or-treaters arrive.

It's not the same set-up process every year, either. Starting out in 2003 with her first Halloween blow-up decoration, she's now amassed 48 of these decorations – and she's still adding.

Sounds like a lot of work to get all those decorations out of storage, set up all the cords and strategically place each decoration for best possible viewing...but with upwards of 200 kids each year tromping through her yard, she thinks it's well worth it.

But if you want to see this special corner in Robbinsdale, you'd better get there on the eve of Halloween – it's a one-night-only event. Miss it this time? Says Miss Becky, "You have to wait 'til next year!"