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Living Room Wall Photos

I'm finally getting down to the dirty job of picking and ordering what prints will grace our living and dining room walls. Yes, I've lived here for over a year and this is just NOW happening. Why, you ask? Well, because it's always been a huge deal for me to choose my own images for my own house. Don't know why.

My mom and sister have more of my photography displayed in their homes - and my sister even has my photos all over her office - than I do here. Sigh. Time to bite the bullet.

The most difficult part was what kind of images to display...places Clint and I have been? Our favorite things? The dog? Random shots which are my favorite? All of the above?

He of course is so "whatev" about the whole process, "just pick ones you think will look good" is his advice. So what I've settled upon is a 3-step process of filling up the 3 walls.

  • Wall #1: images from Puerto Vallarta, where we got married
  • Wall #2: images from the Oregon coast (our very first vacation and a favorite place)
  • Wall #3: the dog

All the shots will have a macro-type feel, be 12x12 and black and white (lots of colors already throughout the house). Of course...the main reason I'm writing this is to kickstart myself into motion and actually ORDER them. Readdyyyyyyy GO.

No, for real.