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The Day My Mom Didn't Know the Answer to a Cooking Question

For a gal who didn't know how to cook when she got married (at the tender age of 20, I might add), my mom sure upped her own ante and I grew up eating delicious, awesome home-cooked meals.

To this day the woman STILL makes the best stroganoff, spaghetti and "party chicken" I've ever tasted.

To that end, if I ever have a recipe question, 9 times outta 10 I call Mom. I mean, who needs Google when your mom's a stellar cook?

"Mom, I want to change this crockpot dish to the oven. How long do I bake it, at what temp?"

"Mom, I can't remember the ingredients of Granny's spaghetti...again."

"Mom, what's that dish you make whenever you need to make it ahead of time for a party?"


Well, this evening I called Mom (yet again) to ask some mundane cooking question...

...and for the first time in my life -- that I can remember, at any rate -- I heard her say these nearly un-uttered words:

"Hm. I don't know."

When I told her I was blogging about it, she was VERY adamant that I let everyone know that on 6/9/2015 at 18:37 she said aforementioned phrase, yes.

But ONLY in regards to ONE cooking question :)

PS: what I asked was how long to bake home-made (from Grundhofer's!) frozen twice-baked potatoes for at 450°. To her credit, she didn't know the answer because she doesn't cook frozen twice-baked potatoes!