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A Remembrance of Fall

As the snowfall continues - and continues and continues - it's very much winter here in Minnesota. However, yesterday I set myself to a task that brought a little bit of fall color into the house.

This past autumn, I gathered pretty leaves. Yup, just like when we were kids. I wrapped them lovingly in paper towels, placed them in hardcover books and let them dry. I realize they didn't have to sit quite as long as they did; it was a matter of clearing an afternoon to carry out my idea: arranging them in picture frames.

It was very simple. (The original idea was to place three frames with leaves above our headboard, but I didn't acquire quite enough leaves so I filled one frame and then used a few leftover leaves in my picture coasters.)


  • Picture frame(s)
  • Pre-cut mat(s)
  • Super glue
Using the cardboard "backing" that came with the picture frame (purchased at Michaels), I started arranging and gluing the leaves into place. When the glue was dry, I put the mat into place and voila.

For the coasters, I purchased a set of "photo" coasters and went through the same process as with the frame. They're colorful, simple and look great – plus the pressed leaves last a long time.

I think it turned out quite well...and since this past fall was one of the most beautiful I've seen (and experienced; we had a LOT of great horseback riding!), I'm loving my lovely fall leaf art!

Zada Four Years Ago

I just realized while brushing my teeth that four years ago to this very day, I brought home a very hyper (but scared), 4-month-old German shepherd puppy.

At this time on that night I was completely overwhelmed, tired and entirely unaware of what I'd be getting myself into...pretty sure she was thinking the exact same thing! But after a few blind-leading-the-blind episodes, we fell into a routine and have never looked back. Well, except for right now :)

I'm so glad I have my lovely Zada -- happy 4th anniversary, buddy, dorky as it may sound :)

PS: The head massages still work :)