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About Sarah Bernier Danks

Clint & Sarah DanksA quick glimpse into who I am:

Hiking/running with my dog, natural light photography, horseback riding, traveling and being on vacation, reading, blogging (especially about DIY stuff), telling stories, making people laugh.

Bad drivers, bad attitudes, bad breath, bad decisions.

I'm married to the love of my life and we have a gorgeous, well-behaved European-line German shepherd named Zada. Three years ago I bought a stout little quarter horse named IM Dust in the Wind (Pancho). He's teaching me a LOT. We also have a little rabbit named Garlic (well, really his full name is Conejo Con Ajo, but that's a lot harder to say for most folks).

Zada My parents are wonderful; I try to get up North to the Brainerd Lakes Area to see them as much as I can. My sister and her husband have two beautiful daughters, and aside from my extreme bias, they're the cutest little girls EVER. To quote my uncle, "I love my nieces to pieces!"

I'm co-owner and part-time SEM consultant for my husband's business, ThinkSEM Consulting, a Twin Cities search marketing company specializing in pay-per-click services I stumbled upon search engine optimization and marketing before StumbleUpon even existed. Well, before I knew about it, anyway. In fact, my wonderful husband is the teacher who taught me just about everything I know. About SEO, that is :)

While I don't consider myself a professional photographer, I have been known to shoot a few outdoor weddings from time to it stressful? A bit. Is it fun? You bet!