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The Velocity of an Unladen Swallow

An African or European swallow, you might ask? I don't know – and in this case, Google didn't deign to offer the choice. But that's okay. I remain a faithful service to Them. It. Whatever.

This year for April Fools' Day, Google not only changed their name to "Topeka," they're also offering search times in 'geek speak,' which I found out from @mattcutts. Intrigued, slightly bored and trying to keep my mind off the gorgeous day happening beyond reach outside the nearest window, I started Googling random (or maybe, not so random) things to determine the reach of the geekiness. Here are a few of my results:

I happen to work for an ad agency in Minneapolis. I also wanted to see if the7-pack would show up (which it obviously didn't...tho' it did last week):

For this year's family Easter lunch, I was promoted from bread rolls. Now I have to find a good recipe for:

Guess which book series I became absolutely consumed with? Guess which movie I just saw last night and contributed to my supreme crush on a vampire? (Sigh. Don't worry, The Husband knows.):

I just tried this one out for kicks:

This one was partially triggered because Matt's the reason I started looking into this. Also, in his tweet he said his results were 1-10 out of 600,000 (for his name). Yet ANOTHER reason not to worry about rankings, positioning in SERPs, etc. etc. etc. – results may vary! (Notice the number of results for my search were 602,000. Of course, the only stat you need for analytics tracking is hits, anyway):

Since Clint and I run our own PPC advertising company, I figured this was a good search:

The boss had just said he was ordering lunch for the office:

I sip herbal green tea at work all day long and needed a refill. PS: This one's my favorite as I'm a HUGE fan of Monty Python & the Holy Grail:

Ever the dog lover, I'm always up for learning new tricks. Dog training tricks, that is. Plus, I wrote my dog trainer's ads...:

My ADD took me to thinking about our upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta (where we'll stay at my parents' beachfront condo):

Thinking of the trip got me to thinking about my I typed in "can i get a passport" and Google so nicely suggested this search:

In case you live under a rock, it's April Fools' Day:

This was an actual, real search. Yes, I'm actually looking for where on earth to find one of these stores. Only because my niece wants a basket for her bike and my sister found the winner. At Kmart:

Thus ends my random searching experiment. I think there were a few more geeky time definers but these were the main ones I found.

Oh, Google, you do keep it fun.