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If Tweren't for Bon Jovi I'd be in Mexico

Yes, you heard me right. If JBJ didn't exist, I'd be sipping Mexican coffee on the beach with the sand between my toes RIGHT NOW. For those of you 'not in the know,' Mexican coffee is the ultimate after-dinner-drink-and-a-show: as witnessed by The Husband for the first time in this dazzling display. Okay, so it's a bit dark, but the highlights are definitely visible. That's also the end of the 'show.'

But I digress.

When we originally planned our late-but-better-than-never year anniversary, The Hubby and I decided on this week for our Puerto Vallarta vacation. Thing is, I sort of forgot about that in my excitement to buy my sister's birthday gift – (2) tickets to Jon Bon Jovi. That's right. This will be our third time seeing JBJ perform, and it's becoming somewhat of a tradition for us. Hey, at least it gives us the chance to head out together (no kids, no husbands, just sisters!) and drink some brewskies while watching our favorite 80s-and-beyond singer. And, this time said sister won't be pregnant. Hence, I won't have to worry about rushing her to the ER every time Jovi shakes his heinie onstage. Whew.

The point? It's my life, and it's now or ever. What I mean is, if it were up to me, I'd lay my hands all over Jon (I'd be livin' on a prayer). Well, metaphorically speaking. If I meant it for real, that'd mean they'd want me dead or alive. 'Cause, love ain't nothing but a four-letter word, even tho' I'm shot through the heart and it's only a two-story town.

Long story short? If there were no such person as Jon Bon Jovi, I'd be sitting on a Mexican beach right now. Sigh. Lesson? Never say die, baby.