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Bon Jovi Concert - Part II from "The Point & Shoot Camera"

I cannot BELIEVE I forgot to report back on Jon Bon's performance on March 18th!

Not only was I obligated to report that my P&S camera performed mightily...but so did hotty-po-tattie Jon!

I apologize. I'm composed now.

Amy and I found out after that concert that it was his 49th show on that tour, and the next evening (March 19th), he turned 50. FIFTY YEARS OLD. Just a rock star who's still goin' strong. I admire that. Not just that he's still making and performing music, but that he (seems to) genuinely enjoys it. Granted, I assume it helps to have thousands of fans (mostly of the female persuasion) screaming at him, but hey. Still impressive.

I think you'll agree with me that my itty-bitty Canon (as opposed to my behemoth SLR) held its own in the murky recesses of the Excel Center!