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Mexico Hangover

Keep in mind when I mention "hangover", I don't that which results after a night of inebriation. Tho' if you wish to argue semantics, I could be inebriated but not drunk from alcohol. (Discuss.) Frigate Birds

No, rather, I'm using "hangover" in this vein (from Wikipedia):

"Something remaining behind from a former period or state of affairs."

The 'State of Affairs'? Our vacation in Puerto Vallarta...the 'remaining behind' part? Yeah, there IS a part of me that was left behind. Sigh. It's pretty hard to leave 80s and sunny behind when you're venturing back to the cold, snowy North!

The Malecón Arches
Unfortunately, I didn't sustain the blog-rythm I enjoyed pre-vacation...but that's because, inevitably, when you leave for a tropical vacation and put your "real" life on hold for a week (or longer), there are repercussions. In my case, catching up with work, photos (of which I took over 500), housework, etc etc etc.
We saw 3 humpback whales on the way to Yelapa

That being said, I can only say it was a blast - even tho' Clint, poor guy, was suffering from a slipped disc (which he just found out "for real" today - I say "for real" because Dad diagnosed him merely off of description, but an MRI was a good thing to get to KNOW for sure). All that means is he was drugged on muscle relaxants, Alleve, and a fair amount of Negra Modelo most of the time :)

Clint Parasailing

But, I digress.

The point? It took me awhile to get over being back in Minnesota after having such a GREAT time in sunny PV. Out of the almost-400 images I loaded to Shutterfly, I'll have to pick & choose which to send to family & showcase here. Although I had a lot of fun shooting down there - despite having been there off and on over the years since I was 11 - I was tempted to give the local kid-vendors $1 to go do it for me...after all, there were Piña coladas ( Lifeguard Stand )
to be drunk. But not THAT kind of drunk.