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The Making (and Eating) of a Snowman

Every Easter my Grandma Mahon (yes, my grandma is a Mahon - pronounced "man") comes to visit us in chilly Minnesota. I say "chilly" because she's leaving her 70ish degree North Carolina to brave the cold wonders Up North with her crazy family.

Crazy? Of course - Mom & Dad a) moved North of the Mason Dixon and b) still inhabit this cold Siberia even though they KNOW it'll drop BELOW ZERO every winter. Crazy.

(*Side Note - several winters into Mom living in Merrifield, the winter was harsh, and with wind chill, the temperature crept down to -80. As in, 80 BELOW ZERO. Grandma called, frantic, wondering how it was with all the horses in the house with us. Because, of course, we had 2 horses at the time and why would we leave them outside? Mom gently stated that they had a nice, warm lean-to and no, they were NOT in the house. *)

I digress.

Much to Grandma's chagrin, the Satterfields headed outside this past Saturday to make a snowman. Keep in mind, in order to have good "snowman snow", the temperatures have to climb above 32, so we thought it was a heat wave. We all tromped outside to watch the goings-on, while Grandma stayed warm and dry inside, where she could see everything through the window.

Clint Throwing a Tree Branch for Zada, the German ShepherdEverything including Princess Sophia posing with her snowman, "Frosty", (and subsequently taking a chomp out of him, of course), Amy & Clint throwing a giant branch for the dogs, and Mom and I trying to capture it all on camera.
Zada in the Snow with a Tree Branch, i.e., Her Version of a Stick
Also, I'd like to add that not many households can claim the success in asking - and receiving - the simple obedient gesture of 3 dogs laying in a row and not moving until they're told they can...and it's not even done via Cesar-like methods!

3 Dogs Lying Calmly on Beds
So, although I have no pixel-proof that Sophia loved her Easter basket (rife with jelly beans, chocolates, seeds and a pot - my sister is Martha Stewart - a new magic wand and a "skeid-a-scope"), suffice it to say it was a successful venture Up North. Lots of good food, chatting at the dinner table, plenty of laughing, hiking and relaxing (please see previous post).