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The Point & Shoot Camera

It took me a long time to "go digital". Until the spring of '06, if I remember correctly. And, now I couldn't imagine NOT having at least one digital camera (so of course I have 2).

My first camera purchase - EVER - was my Canon 30D. Every other item - minus batteries :) - had been gifted from good ol' Mom & Dad for birthdays and Christmases throughout the years. I was pretty pumped not only to be going digital, but buying my VERY OWN camera.

After almost 2 years of practicing and getting spoiled with digital imagery, for Christmas this year Clint got me my very first point & shoot (digital). I'm enamored with it - another Canon - and it takes some pretty darned good pictures! It's an 8-mega pixel, which, by the way, is what my SLR is! (Only when shooting RAW, of course :) Although the zoom is quite a bit touchier than my single lens reflex, the point & shoot competes very well.

I'm thrilled with my little P&S Canon...fits in my purse a lot easier than the SLR for those spontaneous shots, but puts on the "big boy pants" and performs well for the professional images, too.

PS: We'll see how well it does in the murky recesses of the Bon Jovi concert in a couple weeks!