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The Point & Shoot Camera Part Deux

Last night I raved about my new buddy, my Canon point & shoot. It takes some pretty nice images - i.e., professional looking shots (like the snow shot :) - but it also captures those fun "portrait" type pictures, as well!

Here we see the "Ms. Zada Potato Head" with...unfortunately...NOT detachable ears :) I can't lie to ya...I LOVE the "nose-to tail" photos.

I'd have to say the majority of usage this lil' guy (the camera :) has seen has been outdoors, but the indoor images have turned out well, plus there's not a big delay between shutter and shot. Again, overall this guy gets 4 stars. (Probably not 5; the main "fault" is that it uses Double A batteries which don't last very long.)

Here's Clint cuddling with Zada while watching TV up in the TV room. She's a huge fan of finding any blanket real estate available and curling up on it.

Aaaaaand here it is. I taught my dog to "Heil Hitler."
Oops. Not on purpose - it started out as a "hello" / wave type trick; then morphed into the always-recognizable Nazi salute* because of the way she does it. It's not her fault, though, because it's in her blood...she IS German, after all!

Well...there'll probably be many more renditions of the "ratings & reviews" of my point & shoot camera, but this one HAD to be Zada-centric because, well, she hasn't made an appearance for awhile!

Self Portrait! →

PS: I'd like to add that my post last night has an error. It's not "a couple weeks" 'til Bon's one week FROM TONIGHT! Helmet Hair and Big Bangs, here I come!

* Side Note: I'm careful to whom I show this trick. Again, not a politically correct gesture to teach someone - even if that someone is a cute and cuddly dog.