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Puerto Vall-larta

(PV Cathedral ) (Lighted Palm )
A special note to all of you who attempt to speak Spanish. Double "l" (ll) is pronounced as a "y". Hence, the stewardess who announced everything on our flight down to PV should probably - if she's going to continue to fly the friendly skies and squawk away on the intercom - learn that all us tourists are headed to Puerto 'Vayarta'; not Puerto 'Vall-larta'.

Just had to mention that.
(Cloudy day in PV )
Although, I did get a chuckle out of surrounding passengers the first time she said it - "this is flight 531, non-stop to Puerto Vall-larta..." - I turned in wide-eyed wonder to the row behind me and said, "holy cow, we're on the wrong plane!"

(Malecón Mermaids)
That being said, don't you find it odd how your mind picks and chooses what to remember the longer away you are from an event? What I mean is, it's even now getting to the point where I have to look over the photos again to remember exactly what we did each day or where we ate at night. But, I DO remember the stewardess butchering the name of the city.

(Cirrus Clouds over Palapa )
I have to admit, I thought heading down to PV at the end of March / beginning of April would be a bit "late" because winter would already be done, and it'd be nice enough here that I'd want to be outside...well, it was sort of that way, but evidently winter's hanging on by its fingernails, as yesterday St.Paul-Minneapolis woke to find snow on the ground. At the end of APRIL for crying out loud. That wouldn't be *as* bad if, just a few short days before, I hadn't been in a t-shirt, capris and flip-flops in 70+ weather. Make up your MIND already! I stand corrected - winter is a woman. Can't make up her mind for anything...

(Yelapa Bay)
IRREGARDLESS, we're stuck here and at least it's (allegedly) supposed to reach almost 50 today. Above, so that's good.

I was thinking, since this year winter / spring are coinciding more than usual, maybe we should call it "Swing" since it can't come to grips on a course of action one way or t'other. While I eagerly - and not very patiently - await the next nice day, the bare glimmer of hope that summer WILL return starts to fade...but I keep fueling it by revisiting my sunny Puerto Vall-larta images. (Yelapa Flower )

P.S. Today, "Swing" didn't cooperate - again. We didn't, to my knowledge, get even close to 50s and it SNOWED. Enough already!