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Compilation of Random Things

I can't believe the last time I "dogged" (blogged about my dog) was in March. Granted, how many posts and comments could I possibly have to offer on a regular basis, but still. She is, after all, my "furry baby" and there's not a whole lot I can do in life without having to think of the implications (re: her). Come to think of it, it's quite similar, I imagine, to being a single mom.

Anyway, so here's the latest. I'd like to credit Mom for the photography skills.

I'm listening to some little snot-nosed kid screeching right now. That's just not necessary. I'm fairly positive the kid's not dying, so the parental units should be monitoring it and making sure it's quiet. Sheesh.

Sisters? Not yet, but we've already been mistaken for such (let's be honest, by a ... grandfatherly type gentleman). This picture was taken at Penny's bridal shower a couple weeks ago. She not only has a ton of friends, but I've never seen more beautiful blondes all collected in one place in my life.

I found a random ankle hair I'd inadvertently missed (shaving) today. It was a bigun. And BLACK. I'm shocked, because I don't even have black hair ANYWHERE. Random? Yes. Gross? Maybe...I got it, though.

So, I sneezed not too long ago, and got the usual all-over body goosebumps. Does that happen to anyone else? I've been in the sauna before, at 210 degrees (Fahrenheit), sweating like a horse; sneezed and - WHAMO! - instant goosebumps. Talk about weird.

Let's talk about service. Ever since I've been going to Puerto Vallarta (at the tender age of 11) I believe we've had the same waiter at a place we fondly call "Tizoc's" but whose actual "registered" name is "Café Tizoc". Keep in mind, there've been a few years when Tizoc's wasn't in business - i.e., another restaurant had come in and tried the real estate on for size - but the majority of all these years, this little café that could has been there, and there's always been Roberto.

He's got to be 75 years old if he's a day...bilingual, good people-person, and humor that won't quit. I finally had the pleasure of taking his "portrait" (of course I had to include his colleague that day/this year, whose name escapes me), which of course highlights the backdrop of 'his place'. Of course I had to document my favorite Mexican waiter, where else can you go that, year after year, your server remembers you and your family? I mean, c'mon, he remembers my GRANDMOTHER who went there way back in the '60s. It's priceless.

And, last but certainly not's the update of the Satterfield family - this was taken at Sophia's 3rd birthday party in April. I missed it because Amy was unaware Clint and I woul be flying back from Puerto Vallarta (even tho' I told her the dates...let's be honest, she's pregnant so I absolve her of all forgetfulness). Let's just say I got her some good gifts in PV - including maracas! Those were Clint's idea, and a total hit :)

That's about it for now. *Yawn* Time to get some beauty sleep!

(PS: Feel free to insert joke here)