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Another Trip to Puerto Vallarta

While I always love visiting my vacation-away-from-home, Puerto Vallarta, I especially love to go along with someone who's never been there before. It's always a treat to see someone see it for the first time and "re-live" it through his/her eyes.

This past month I got the privilege of heading down with my friend and co-worker, whom I shall call "Phoebe." Not only had she never been to Mexico, she'd never stayed anywhere tropical. Oh, what fun to see her reactions! Thankfully, she loves Mexican food - REAL Mexican food - so she was in seventh heaven. (Enter home-made guacamole at our restaurant table; Phoebe's face lights up like a flashlight and from there it was love at first bite.)

Speaking of guacamole - I don't even LIKE it. Never have. Despise it. BUT, I'll eat it down in Puerto Vallarta. Probably 'cause it's SO incredibly good. Fresh. Tasty. Made-right-at-your-table. It's beyond good - it's a damn drug. Especially when it's from Los Arbolitos. But I digress...

So we spent ~4½ days down there, checking out the market in the mornings, lying in the sun during the hottest part of the day, heading out to my family's favorite restaurants in the evenings. Of course, we only got to choose from 4 restaurants. We actually took a recommendation from our Canadian friends (eh?) and tried somewhere new. I had an EXCELLENT dinner of coconut shrimp at Lindo Mar (coincidentally right next to one of our sunset favorites, El Set). Delish.

Alas, all good things must come to an end; with slightly burned skin and heavy feet we made our way back safely to Minneapolis. We're already looking forward to next year's trip :)