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Bienvenido a Miami

At the behest of my team lead here at FindLaw, I'm speaking at a Search Engine Strategies conference in less than 2 weeks.

Well, I was accepted as a presenter after she sent them a mock-up of what I'd be talking about...but either way - whoa.

The place: Miami. The event: SES Latino '07. I went last year, too - the inaugural run - but as a mere attendee. This year, I get to wear a special badge and might even get to "hang out" with the likes of Nacho Hernandez from iHispanic Marketing Group.

Last year, it took me a while to warm up and start chatting away with everyone - in Spanish, of course - mostly over Googlitos (Google's version of Mojitos) at the big soirée, so hopefully this year I'll just jump right back in where I left off. Should be fun, to say the least! much as I adore public speaking (NERD!), I'm uber-glad I'm presenting the 1st day so I don't have to drive myself nuts WAITING for my session.

Well, that's about it for right now - of course I'll write more about it when the time the meantime mediocre stories about my dog will have to suffice.