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The World is my Bane

Ever have one of those days that's just the WORST DAY EVER but it's only 7:30am? Yeah, today's one of them.

Let's forget the fact that yesterday I had to head to the chiropractor's for a thorough working-over of my IT band / glute (which has left me bruised, battered, and in pain)...but around 3:30 this morning, Zada decided she wanted to be REALLY loud about getting comfy in her crate, which went on 'til 4am when I finally relented & got up to let her out. Turns out all she wanted to do was head outside and lick the grill. Awesome.

Then, the thermostat isn't working in my house - the blowers were on for HOURS last night (which I didn't notice) but the thermometer never moved even though it was FREEZING in there. So I'd shut it all down before going to bed- didn't want the system to overload or something. Regardless, at 4am it was hot in my room so I fiddled around with the damned thing and it finally seemed to be working.

That left approximately 30 minutes to toss and turn before the alarm. There's more but it's wearing me out even e-complaining about it all...when I got into work, one of my co-workers asked me the somewhat-rhetorical "how're you today?" and I answered in truth. His reply: "Well, the day can only get better from here."

I almost clocked him.

On a brighter note, it IS Wednesday, which means I'm halfway through the week and that much closer to relaxing. Wait. I have to mow my lawn, fold "bushels" of laundry and pack for Miami. *Sigh* Nevermind.