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Of Legs, Life and Love

Random Thought: Remember when people used to keep diaries and keep them locked up in a safe, secure location so NO ONE could ever read their deepest, darkest secrets? I think I kept a "journal" while I was in Spain...every once in a while I'll take it out of the closet and re-read my thoughts, frustrations and ideas. Now I just put them out for anyone to see. My, how things change.

Speaking of change, I also remember the good old days of being able to lace up the Nikes and head out for a 5-mile run and not think a thing of it. Now I struggle to walk my dog 2 miles without my IT band sending stabbing pains up and down my leg. Very frustrating.

Oddly enough, Lil' Z has been favoring HER leg (her left front - just like me!) the last few days so we've both been taking it easy - yesterday she was doing much better but I took her to the park and threw the stick for her in the water for quite a while ... then forgot about why I was exercising her that way and threw it a couple times up on land - she came back limping. Dangit. Needless to say, between that and my chiropractor appointment yesterday we didn't go for a walk this morning. (And, because I can't NOT put a picture of her here:)

But, that's life. Children definitely DO get older, as Stevie Nicks pointed out. Other than the leg (and some obstacles I'm surmounting at work - no need to delve into that here) I'm pretty happy with my life right now. Things are, overall, VERY good!

I'm heading home (i.e., to visit the 'rents) tomorrow after work and won't return until the morning of the 4th...sounds backwards but I need to save vacation plus I wasn't sure about being there for over a week. The 10-year high school reunion is the following weekend -I'm actually looking forward to it - so I'll be heading back up for that. It'll be fun to talk about being single & carefree amidst all my married-with-kids friends :)

Some people might think, "Aren't you worried about what people will think of you still being single while everyone else is married?" I say, HELL NO! I wish they were all single like me so we could go back to having fun - no offense to those who have a) husbands / wives; b) kids; c) all of the above.

I just don't see myself getting into any of that for a while...I love my life just as it is too much right now! Maybe someday I'll change my tune; for now I'll bask in the warmth of being "selfish" and cruising through life without a (major) care in the world.

Until the next entry...