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Proud Mama

Being a 'single mom' is hard work, and oftentimes frustrating (because of the amount of time involved and happy hours missed) but when it all comes together and your little one offers up a 5-star performance, it makes it all worthwhile. I'm referring, of course, to my furry baby, Zada (also fondly known as Lil' Z, Zadar or "Hey Buddy")...

Yesterday, I attended a couple of Memorial Day activities - brunch at my aunt/uncle's home in Circle Pines and dinner in Rosemount at a friend's house. I brought Z to both, and tied her out for the brunch (they live by a 2-lane road and I was nervous about her wandering) but the 2nd one (a housing development in a quiet area) I let her loose and they even let her in the house...she was SO good! She even outperformed the 8-year-old hunting Lab (highly trained, from what I was told). I was SO proud.

She had quite the day and was just as amicable as ever - plus I received many compliments on her impeccable behavior.

I'm short for time (lunch break!) but here are up-to-date images of her:

This was after about 2 hours' worth of ball-throwing at my friend's the 80-degree humidity. She FINALLY laid down for a brief respite before dropping the ball at my feet again :)

Ciao for now!