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I'm not sure if this is redundant...talking about which blog to choose. See, yesterday I started a blog with a different venue, and I'm not sure I'm crazy about it, so today I started THIS one - I thought from scratch - to see how it works, if I like it better, and most importantly, if it's easier to use. make a long story short, evidently over a year ago I set up a blog (for real, my first one) on this very same account...and then promptly forgot about it.

Subsequently, when I tried to log back in this evening (to the "new" blog from this morning) it was lost and I had to jump through hoops; finally I got logged in but the only thing I could recover was the old blog. *SIGH*

So, I made this one (the old new one) look just like the one from this morning and am now CTRL Copy + Pasting this (with added snippets) Even I'm confused. I have 6 browsers open and they're all some version of blogspot/blogger and it's a mess. Good stuff.

Anyway, since the theme for my other online journal (that would be the "other venue" one mentioned previously) circles around random thoughts, I guess I'll have to come up with something different for the sloppy seconds blog. Hey, there it is.

In order to fully compare one blog with the other I shall insert pictures and do everything I've done on the first. The other pictures tend towards dogs (and one each of myself and the BF) so I'll start with my niece, who is most definitely the CUTEST little kid on the planet. Makes the Gerber baby look like a freak, if I might say so myself.

She's a pretty intense little kid. Of course I'm biased - who wouldn't be the proud auntie? - but she's abnormally advanced in smartness. For instance, although she stumbles a bit over L, M, N, O & P, she says her ABCs already (complete with "now I know my ABCs..."), I've heard her count all the way up to 15, and she's giving commands to the dogs. They're not following them, but that's beside the point.

So you see, one can argue that everything is about comparing one thing to the other. One blog to the other, one kid against all the rest of the world, etc.

That's all for now...I have nothing left to do for work and I have yet to run some errands, then go home to ride my exciting stationary (ery?) bike and THEN clean the house. Whoopteedoo.