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Tuesday, September 13th

Let me just begin by stating that my birthday this year sucked. I know, as you get older you don't receive oodles of presents from obscure relatives - heck even the cards stop coming - but there's still part of me that wants SOME recognition that I've survived yet another year...NOW I want a happy hour in my honor, I want all my buddies there and I want to relax and have a good time.

While that sounds like it's easily achievable, it didn't happen - koudos to the 4 co-workers who DID show up to sip a beer and munch some pizza with me, though. Thanks!

It's been almost a week since the ill-fated day, but it still haunts me a bit. I mean, don't they all just keep getting more and more lame? This year's was pretty lame...what will the NEXT one consist of? I can only imagine.

Alright. Enough of beating the dead horse -

Speaking of beating dead horses, my co-worker and friend, whom I'll call Eleanor, is gone. Well, just until next week - she went overseas to visit her family. She's probably sailing around on the Adriatic right now, sipping some fine, aged wine and eating interesting seafood dishes. In a way, I envy her. On the other hand, who wouldn't rather be in Minnesota on a rainy afternoon writing a blog? Tough choice.

Ah, and in looking at the time, I see that the buzzer has sounded - it's time for me to leave this dismal cubicle and go renew my tabs. Which are overdue at this point. Now that I'm AWARE of this, for sure I'll get pulled over right when I leave the parking lot. Great.


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