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Some of Sarah's Favorite Photos

Clint Danks
A shot I snapped of Clint a couple days after we got married in PV, Mexico. We spent the day whale-watching.

Sun Shining through Fall Leaves in Minnesota
Fall is my favorite season!

Hiking with the Dogs
Hiking with the dogs back home.

Loon Flapping Wings on Mission Lake
Finally, after years of trying, I got a sharp image of a loon flapping his wings on Upper Mission Lake, Merrifield.

Old Man in Thought
As I was walking through a plaza near Brit's in Minneapolis, I glanced over and saw this man.

Maremman Horse in Tuscany
Tango, the Maremman horse I rode during the trip to Tuscany I took with Mom.

Tuscan Burro
A cute Tuscan burro.

Bailadores MexicanosA nice, blurry night-shot with my point-and-shoot camera of Mexican dancers in Puerto Vallarta.

Fern FiddleheadA macro shot of a fiddlehead at Como Conservatory in St. Paul, MN.