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Blawg Your ♥ Out

It would seem I'm well on my way to fixing whatever it is I messed up with my 2 accounts on Blogspot/, now I get the whole "I've been blogging since '05" koudos. Let's forget for a second that I FORGOT about the blog after 2 postings and tried to log in using the SAME email and naming the blog (not the URL) the SAME THING.

Sometimes, I think I have blonde roots. But don't tell anyone.

I feel like talking about my fabulous weekend over New Year's. This year, we rang it in with high style - in bed. Tsk, tsk. Not THAT way...everyone was up at the folks' place in Merrifield (by "everyone" I mean Sister Amy, Niece Sophia, Bro-in-Law Michael & their Dog Hogan; BF Parker; Mom, Dad & their Dog Tesa; and of course, Moi). It's Michael's b-day on New Year's Eve, so Mom cooked up 18 pounds of ribs, plus cornbread, green beans-with-almonds, fried potatoes-with-onions, etc etc etc and after we ate ourselves into a stupor we proceeded to get horizontal to watch a movie. After that, there was only one thing left to do - hit the sack before the ball dropped. Which we all did, of course.

It was great.

Earlier that weekend I tried out my new camera accessory - my remote shutter release. Now I can take night shots and was too cloudy to try my hand at "star trail" images, but there'll be another time for that. My focus this past weekend were a couple of lit trees with fresh snow. Turned out pretty well, me thinks:

Christmas Tree with Lights in Snow

Although the tree appears to be tilting, it's not. It's my neighbors' tree (rather, my parents' neighbors' tree) and since they didn't quite get to the top with the lights, it seems to be tipsy. Pretty, but tipsy.

I especially like the peaceful little (insert animal name here) tracks leading in front of it...kinda like this little (whatever) was hopping along home and stopped to take a look at the pretty Christmas lights. Or, I'm weird and I personify everything.

This is another favorite from that weekend...Amy & Parker built a "snowman" (I use the term loosely because this entity had neither legs nor features of any discernible kind), and then Parker proceeded to go kung-fu on it like it was his job. Pretty funny if you see the whole rapid-fire succession of pictures, but this one I like:

The dogs couldn't quite figure out what was going on, or why he'd be attacking the snowman (neither could we, personally) but it was great entertainment.

Alright, I think even I've gotten my fill of writing for it's time to hop in bed with my book.