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For those of you not in the know, Zada is my brand-new German shepherd pup. Technically, she's not "mine" yet, as I haven't picked her up from the breeder's yet, but tomorrow's the big day...T minus 24 hours! (But who's counting?)

I've wanted my own shepherd ever since Ivan - my big ol' boy from high school - was put down in '02. He was my shadow for every one of his 9½ years (unless I was gone from the house, then my mother sufficed for him) and he taught me a lot. Mostly, I knew I HAD to have my own some day. Can't WAIT for tomorrow!

I'll throw her picture up here, it's the only one I have (pretty sure more are forthcoming :) and she's so beautiful I can't help but show her off.

This was taken by the breeder when she was 11 weeks old; tomorrow when I pick her up she'll be about 16 weeks. So, her bladder will be that much bigger and hopefully potty-training won't be as arduous a task as it was with my roommate's dog, Mack (now a 70-lb Golden Retriever). Speaking of Mack, he'll be her playmate (but NOT inside the house!) until she gets to be about 10 months old. Here he is:

He's even bigger now (and fatter) but that's pretty much what he looks like. Well, mostly he's blurry because he's on the go, but these are the moments I like - when he's stationary :).

As of tomorrow morning around 10am, I feel I'll have a LOT of information to share regarding my new little buddy and her antics...of which I'm sure there will be plenty!

Ciao for now...