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A Morning in Paradise

It's still dark outside as I sit in the tiled kitchen and listen to the waves rolling lazily onto the beach. The gentle susurration of the surf mutes any noise I create as I slink about heating water for organic tea. My only illumination comes from a wrought iron chandelier, one of the many charming attributes of my parents' beach condo in Puerto Vallarta.

I'm patiently awaiting the dawn, when I can venture out onto the sand for my seaside morning walk. I type alone, since the rest of my family still lies wrapped in peaceful slumber. I myself spent a somewhat fitful night of getting used to a new bed and looking at my watch - "is it time to get up yet?" - whether through excitement of waking up for my first full day in paradise or habit, I'm not sure.

Although I'm eager to start my day, I can't help but feel the inherent peacefulness to this place, as if the sweet nature and laid-back ways of the Mexican people have soaked into the shore itself, or maybe it's the other way around. It's at once a calming and invigorating realization that no matter what fortunes the day may bring, they'll leave me feeling rested and happy.

By minute increments the surf, sky and beach are becoming visible - sunrise is approaching. It's time to wake up the muscles with some exercise...and, speaking of waking, the family is slowly stirring. The day has "officially" begun!