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Goofy Dog

Golden Loving a Cushy Bed We're still doggy-sitting my parents' goofy Golden retriever, Tesa (until tomorrow). Mom went down to Puerto Vallarta in the beginning of February, and Dad followed a week later. Since Daddy-o was working long hours, they didn't want to leave Tesa in her kennel all day, so I offered to take her.

Golden Retriever Playing with German Shepherd I figured she and Zada could wear each other out and since we're already exercising one high-energy dog, what's one more?

Of course, we figured out quickly we couldn't leave them alone together while we were at work - even with Tesa as company, Ms. Z still decided to chew on stuff and be naughty :)

Golden Retriever on Her Back It went swimmingly - the dogs get along well, and settled in as roommates immediately. Tesa does have a few proclivities, some of which we've been working on:

  • Barging through any open door she sees
  • Charging up the stairs regardless of the placement of OUR feet
  • Taking off after any woodland creature which catches her eye
  • Begging for food
  • Making weird noises and contorting into seemingly uncomfortable positions

This last one is amusing, to say the least. I'm going to try to get her on video - or at least my point & shoot camera's video option - before we send her off, because it's rather humorous listening to her and Zada play "racecar" style. I can't even describe it well but they lie down on the floor and chew on each other's faces while whining in synchronized pitches that is hilarious to behold.
Golden's Upside-Down Smile She also likes to hang out on her back - which is odd, since being upside down normally makes dogs extremely sneezy - and with her soft, mooshy Golden skin it turns her countenance into a frightful-yet-funny display of teeth and wrinkles.

All in all, tho' I think she had fun at Auntie Sarah's, something tells me she'll like to get back to her country-dog existence! Zada will certainly miss having her playmate around :)