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Free Trials for Acai

Here's a follow-up to my 'research' on the Acai product free trials. On January 20th, I ordered a free trial of the Acai Noni Burner, which I received a week later and have been taking every day since. Give or take, anyway :) Oh, but so far I've only taken it once a day (wanted to acclimate the tummy).

Since I took the liberty of ordering a different free trial yesterday for Nature's Best Acai & Total Cleanse, I realized I hadn't given myself a reminder to cancel the Noni Burner.

I keep receipts and usually save confirmation emails so I had no trouble finding the website address to check up on the terms. Of course, after the 16th day of the trial, they start billing $79.95 per month for every subsequent bottle of pills they automatically ship.

I wrote an email but then also noticed I could cancel right from the site ( When I attempted to cancel, a chat box popped up and an 'agent' asked if she could assist me. I told her I wanted to cancel and she looked up my account. Before I could even tell her WHY I was cancelling (I ended up telling her "vitamins make me nauseous; this one's no different...sorry!"), she said they'd hate to lose my business, so could she offer me the bargain price of $39.95 per month?

Right out of the gates. Depending on how important this little "diet" pill is to everyone, keep in mind you might be able to get it not only half-price; you possibly could haggle them down even lower.

Seriously, if this stuff works, I wouldn't mind paying $1 a day versus $3. Honestly, I've trimmed down a tad, but who knows if the Acai berry pills are the cause - I'm also working out and watching what I eat. Like right now - I'm watching myself eat 2 cookies :)


Margaret Sch. said...

I had the same experience . . . and I talked them down to $18. You might try, next month to call again and try to cancel, and see them lower it even more. I told them I had figured out I could get a similar product from GNC for about $23. That's when they said $18 plus shipping . . .comes to about $23. Try it next month!