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The Troth

On July 3rd, at the end of my parents' dock - with the setting sun shining on us - Clint asked me to marry him and I said yes!

That's right, we're engaged!

(Much to the delight of both our mothers, who've been waiting in anticipation for this for quite some time :)

He truly knows me - there's no other place I'd have rather been when he asked than barefoot on the dock, throwing the stick for the dogs, looking out at the lake where I grew up. Sigh. Yup, there's a bit of romantic stowed away in me after all!

Evidently there was quite the ordeal to get the ring out to me, since the thing came in a HUGE box, and he couldn't fit it in his the fact that my sister was still there (she and the girls were up for a couple days) and was ... feeding ... Charlotte in the room where Clint would be staying, so he couldn't get to his bag. Meanwhile, I kept wondering why he needed to 'change his clothes' or 'get his flip-flops' (i.e., needed to get the ring). I thought, "when did he get so picky about what he's wearing up at the lake?

I love, love, LOVE it - and him, of course! - and it's more beautiful than I could imagine while looking at ideas. It's hard not to stare at it all the time! Which, of course, we did all the rest of the weekend. I have to admit, in a client meeting yesterday, I'd catch my glance wandering down towards my finger to check it out - AGAIN.

It's a tension ring - well, they call it that, but technically it's a compression ring - using only the strength of the metal (and tiny grooves on each side) to hold in the diamond.

I like to see people's reaction when they see the diamond seemingly "floating" in midair. I wasn't crazy about the concept when we first started looking, but I was curious so researched it and wouldn't you know, they (Gelin Abaci) have never had a stone come out of the setting. I figured if the Roman aqueducts are still standing - using only compression and keystones for support - then that'll work for my ring, too.

The next day we decorated Madge & Merle's pontoon and headed out for the annual July 4th Mission Lake Pontoon Parade. The parade's been growing in popularity, as there were more boats in the parade than normal...leaving a scant number of spectators. But, we still had fun.

Mom broke out the bubbly in honor of our engagement and we all toasted to a long and happy marriage...haha, MARRIAGE. Still sounds funny.

It was a gorgeous day for a boat ride and very fun to watch the diamond sparkling in the sun! Overall, it was a VERY fun and relaxing weekend.

And now I get to plan a wedding!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah!!!!!! This is Aunt Noe. Don't faint!!! I'm not sure this will actually get to you---but Im trying.
Just wanted to say Congrats to you and Clint!!!!! Cant wait to meet him. Loved looking at your pictures!!! Your ring is gorgeous!!!!! Am glad you guys are getting married where you want---thats the way it should be!!! I'm hoping to come with Aunt Lynne-as the part of the Mahon representatives. Not a good time for Uncle Chris tho. I told Lindsay---but she's appling for jobs and has no idea where she will be,etc. Have fun with all the wedding plans!!!!! Take Care!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!