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There are Actually Pretty Things in my Yard...

I believe, due to the copious amounts of rain we've received this spring/summer, the plants which someone else planted back in the day have finally started to spring forth in my yard.

There is now somewhat of a garden by my garage...I use the term "garden" loosely because, again, I think at some point, someone put this vegetation on purpose in the ground. I have ferns, some hostas, little purpley-flower thingies, and even a DAY LILY! Excellent.
Not that this will keep me from actually planting in the areas Clint's worked on for actual flowers/plants, but I'm excited that even though I've put forth no effort, I have pretty growing things in my yard.

Ok, maybe the berries are from weeds, but still nice to look at. They seem to be cultivating on the neighbor's side, anyway, so until they encroach further I'll enjoy the colors.

PS: Who said chainlink can't look neat???

It's been brought to my attention that those pretty little berries creeping through from the neighbor's yard are, indeed, poisonous. Good thing Zada doesn't eat that stuff. I'll have to have a chat with the neighbor about her "garden" :) Thanks, Julie!!!


Julie said...

Those berries are part of deadly nightshade plants. They are very poisonous, and the root systems on the plants are invasive and can kill shrubs and other plants. They get very woody and they're perennial.

Some of those actually BENT my mum's fence at one point while I was growing up.

So, not to be a downer, but I'd totally recommend killing 'em.