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I am NOT Mac Compatible

If I were in a Mac commercial, I'd be the geeky, frumpy guy who looks horrible in his icky suit while standing next to the cute, trendy-hip guy.

I'm the new girl on the job who's not Mac compatible in a world of PC-bashers. That being said, I'm comfortable using a machine which may or may not decide to crash on me (or need to be in time out - i.e., shut down - for a minute). I'm okay with that. I use it for "document" focused work, vs. "application" focused. So it's alright.

They'll still order me my own set of speakers (so I can blast my iPod in my office), a wireless mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, etc. OH, plus they haven't banned me from the fridge or cupboards yet, so that's a bonus. (*Note* Today is Cookie Day. Every Wednesday is Cookie Day here at work. I'm not even a sweets eater, but these're the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had in my life.)

I digress - in my defense, I did attempt a software download (ShapeShifter or something) to try to NOT use the Mac Dock system (I prefer the Taskbar, thanks so much), but to no avail. Sigh. Oh well, the new girl starting in a week or so will get a really nice, barely-used Mactop (that's right, I'm combining Mac with laptop there) to use.

I always do like to be different :)