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Hamel Rodeo

For those of you who're rodeo-goers out there (and I realize the list isn't long), I do have to say the Hamel Rodeo is the best Minnesota rodeo there is. Nothing says "summer" like sitting on a hillside in the sunshine, eating a hotdog & swilling beer while watching hottie cowboys a) roping calves, b) riding broncs or c) braving the bulls. I don't mention the gals racing barrels because, let's be honest, it's just the "respite" before the bull riders come out, anyway. (PS: Girls, let GO of the horn and RIDE that horse, for crying out loud!)

Of course, every rodeo always starts with the national anthem, and then whoever carries it in always carries it out in style - i.e., at a dead run. It IS pretty cool.

Oh, and let's not forget the alcoholic references - go, Budweiser :)

It was a beautiful day, and other than the fact none of the bull riders came close to 8 seconds, it was a great rodeo. No injuries - to either people OR horses - so that was a sigh of relief...of the last few horse events Clint and I have watched together, 2 times a horse broke a leg (a different rodeo and of course, the Derby).

They keep the action moving along pretty quickly and they always have good bucking stock, plus big payouts attract more participants.

Anyway, so that's my "plug" for the Hamel Rodeo. At $6.00 per ticket (we went on Family Day) how can you argue some good, live entertainment?

Even the kids love it :)

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