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Crosby & Aitkin Team Up To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This video brings a tear to my eye – not just because it's well done; it also hits closer to home. As in, 14 miles from home...I didn't grow up in Crosby, Minnesota, but I did attend kindergarten through my senior year of high school there.

I was a tried-and-true Ranger fan, hell bent on hating the Gobblers (from the not-very-far-away neighboring town of Aitkin). I realize high school sports rivalry doesn't extend into the health care system, but it was still touching to see the two rival towns unite in this awesome video in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Some familiar faces in here, and also a great message. Not just for women – and men! – to be aware of breast cancer and its risks, but that a whole community is supporting a cause and spreading awareness.

Well done, Crosby and Aitkin! (Not to mention the videographers :)