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Look Who's Keeping Plants Alive

Even though I grew up in the country, I've never gardened. You might think growing up country doesn't necessarily equal gardening skills, but MOST people have some sort of garden – whether it's for flowers or vegetables – but my mother hated it so I never learned it. Wait, I take that back – one year in high school I DID attempt a veggie garden of squash and green beans. It wasn't pretty.

Throughout my years living alone in apartments, I'd try every once in a while to purchase a potted plant for some living thing to share my space...alas, I was never able to keep any of them alive. I even killed cacti. Yes, that's right. More than once.

When I moved into my very own house, I got somewhat excited to try to plant around the house...I didn't get to it until the year before I moved out (Clint was nice enough to put in bricks to make little gardens for me!), and still it was only transplanted hostas. Thing is, the majority of them that I planted (~30 or so) lived! That was a boost.

Now we live in a town home, and the point is moot. I mean, it's already landscaped. BUT, you can buy pots. Then, you can buy flowers. Then you mix them together, and you can put them on your deck. It's crazy.

Last summer, I decided to purchase one of those ready-made pots from the Cub "nursery" (geraniums = hardy) and figured I could start there. Thing is, my problem is watering. I was never really sure how much to water a plant. Evidently I did "okay" last summer, because the hardy geranium lasted almost 'til the end of the season. 

This year is different. I got talked into buying some plants from my cousin-in-law's kids for Boy Scouts. Figured I could buy a pot and plant them. Not really sure what I bought, and of course they're nothing like I thought. Still haven't potted them, but they ARE still alive...

Clint even bought me two already-potted plants (he thought I could uproot them and re-plant in a different pot, but I like them as is). My friend then gave me 3 hanging baskets which I plan on planting this week. Thing is, all these plants are STILL alive. It's quite amazing. No, for real. They're ALIVE.

And there's more. For the hanging baskets we made a trip to Linder's for flowers which are hanging-basket friendly, and while there I got an idea to buy some basil (which I use in a chicken dish Clint likes). Evidently that's a pretty popular herb, since the store only had 2 little plants left. Of course one of them was extremely wilted and looked like it was on its last roots. Wouldn't you know, not only did it perk up, it's GROWN! AND...I used the leaves from those little plants in making dinner last night. What a feeling.

While I wouldn't call myself a green thumb (Clint's had to remind me to water the flowers and has also pitched in from time to all the rain we've had has helped :), I think I'm well on my way to being able to keep plants alive and healthy. So what if I don't even have a watering can (I use a beer pitcher that says "Clint's Tavern" on it), I think I'm well on my way to being let off my plant probation.

Who knows? Next year I might even up the ante.