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Forgive Me, Blog, for I Have Sinned...'s been over a month since my last post.

Where does the time go???

A quick look at some things which have happened since I blogged back in 2009:

  • The house got mostly painted - just 2 more walls to go! Aaah, a grown-up look at last :)
  • I bought Bon Jovi tickets for my sister's birthday...we're totally going to out-do our last JBJ concert (in April of '08).
  • I moved into a new office at work. Bigger. With a view of a window. Me likey.
  • Also at said office I moved down to three days a week. Me REALLY likey.
  • I've seen Avatar in 3D. Twice. Once in the normal theater and the other in the IMAX. Both phenomenal.
  • My friend had a baby. While this weirds me out, I'm very happy for her!
  • I have planned two - that's right, TWO - trips to Puerto Vallarta for this winter. Very pumped about that. Of course I'll be staying at the parents' condo both times. I can already see my flip-flop-clad feet slapping up the red tile stairs...
  • I started cooking REAL meals somewhere in the midst of all this. Found out, I'm a pretty good cook. Who knew? I mean, I haven't even poisoned, killed or otherwise maimed The Husband yet.
There's a lot more, I'm sure, but those stick out in my mind. Coming soon: choosing black & white images from my repertoire for our living room.