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A List of Portmanteaus

The other day I was inspired yet again to search around for clever portmanteau words (words created from the combination of words and meanings, such as smoke + fog = smog) and assemble a list of my favorites:

Afterthoughtfulness: A husband's uncanny ability to ask if his wife needs help with a household task at the exact moment that she is finishing it.

Alcoholiday: A weekend entirely lost as a result of excessive drinking.

Amabergasted: My sister was amazed and flabbergasted I had nerded out enough to assemble a list of my favorite portmanteaus.

Begetcetera: Multiple births.

Brickormortis: A bad housing market.

Cinemaddict: Someone who feels the insatiable need to a) constantly attend the movie theater or b) buy every new movie that comes out on DVD.

Convenieccino: When you don't have time to make coffee in the morning so instead you purchase cappuccino from the gas station.

Ethiccup: A brief, involuntary suspension of one's moral principles.

Euphemistress: One's "niece."

Foxymoron: A perfect 10 in looks and IQ.

Hasbian: She used to be a lesbian.

Leotarp: Plus-sized workout wear.

Malaproposition: "Hey, babe, want to preamble over to my place and copopulate?"

Mantastic: A fantastic man.

Mulligangster: A hit man who is afforded a second shot when his first is not successful.

Orgasmithsonian: A museum of pornography.

Penultimatum: I'm going to tell you this only one more time after this . . .

Prostituition: A whorrible way to pay for college.

Punditto: Talking heads who keep agreeing with each other.

Teatery: A Hooters restaurant.

Slothello: A quick tempered Moor who, overcome with jealousy, wants to kill his wife, his friend and himself, but never gets around to it.

Smirting: Flirting while on your smoke break.

Snatulence: The embarrassing and involuntary event when you expell air from the hind end while sneezing.

Splog: A spammy blog.

Subterraneanderthal: A subway groper.

Swipeout: When you've maxed out all your credit cards.

Tatooth: When someone's adorned their teeth with gold initials, diamonds or the like.


Elizabeth said...

My favorite is one that my friend Anne came up with: "manties." She was dating a European guy at the time. :-D