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Acai Berry Diet Products ARE Available at GNC

When I originally started researching the amazing Acai berry products, I was under the impression - as I'm sure a great majority of online ad readers were/are - that these pills were only available via free acai trials. Which of course lead to a continuation of said 'trial,' along with a nice, hefty monthly charge of ~$80.00.

While I merely ordered 2 separate trials and then immediately cancelled, I wondered how I could continue taking these great products after I ran out of my trial bottles without having to deal with a pre-determined monthly supply, charge, etc.

Clint & Sarah's Puerto Vallarta Wedding My wedding was the main motivator for trying the Acai berry "diet" pills, but since we got married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, it wasn't only a dress I had to fit into. I was actually much more worried about being in front of all my friends and family on the beach in a bikini! Thanks to the Acai Noni Burner trial I got, I ended up shedding that last extra baby fat I just couldn't ever shake.

Of course, my sister chalks it up to working out harder, eating healthier and stress, but I'd already been exercising hard and eating healthy for a couple of months, and while I wasn't unhappy with how I looked, I wanted to lose that extra 'padding' around my hips, butt and stomach. About 2 weeks after I started taking the Acai Noni Burner and Total Cleanse religiously (I took them for about 8 or 9 days sporadically to see how my system would react - I haven't had good luck with vitamins in the past) I started to notice I was literally trimming down day by day.

Weight Loss from Acai Berry: Loose Wedding Dress! In fact, by the time I slid into my wedding dress the day of, I'd shed so much 'fat' that the dress which had fit me snugly not even a month prior was now LOOSE! It was great.

My sister-in-law commented on how I "didn't have an extra ounce of body fat" and wanted to know my secret - I told her about the Acai products. Long story short, when we got back from Puerto Vallarta she started her own research and actually found a plethora of Acai berry products at GNC: pills, powders and liquids.

Keep in mind these products haven't been evaluated by the FDA, so be sure to talk to your doctor before starting, just sounded like a commercial. But, you get the point. Enjoy!