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Beach BabiesI just finished watching the movie Sex and the City...for the 2nd time. Tsk, tsk, I know. Clint's out with his cousin and I treated myself to a girly night. So shoot me.

Realizing I've neglected to blog for almost a month, I decided to snap to it and throw up some more Puerto Vallarta pictures. This post is saved for those images captured by my trusty little point-and-shoot Canon Clint & I at Marazul Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta camera, which in a pinch treats me just as well as my SLR. In a different manner, but since I can - and do - carry it with me everywhere due to the small stature, I find it's much more reliable in "quick, get the camera" situations. Yet it still performs just as well under the posed shots :)

John Giving Charlotte a Smooch on the Beach It got so I didn't even carry my DSLR down to the beach - my P&S is just so much easier to haul around. Whether taking self-portraits or asking someone else to do the honors, the ease of use and small size wins out in my opinion.

Puerto Vallarta Sunset Taken with Point & Shoot Camera

This is especially true for nighttime, when I didn't have a big beach bag to accommodate a larger camera - in fact, the entire 2 weeks I ventured out at night with nothing more than a teeny khaki purse for essentials. Which included, of course, the point-and-shoot camera!

Biggest Bullmastiff Ever: Puerto Vallarta I was glad of a compact picture-taking device the few times we happened to run across something which needed to be documented - if only for future laughs (and this blog). Such as finding a random Blue Heeler on the Mexico. My sister confessed later she'd seen the same one, but still. Or, speaking of dogs, I had to capture a couple shots of Dani's humongous friend one night...biggest dog I've ever seen in my life, bar none. *Click*

Bailarinas at Night in Puerto Vallarta And since my Canon point-and-shoot focuses with much more ease than my Canon 30D, it came in handy to get some cool "swirly" shots of the Mexican bailarinas we happened across one night...I just might blow up one of my myriad shots of this sequence because they turned out pretty well!

Sunrise From Fishing Boat: Puerto Vallarta

It would seem this little contraption is easily pawned off on others to take pictures in one's absence, too...I gave it to Clint to capture the moments when he and the boys were "at sea" on the fishing boat, and although some sunblock or other greasy substance was swiped across the lens, he delivered!

Duane's Marlin, Caught in Puerto Vallarta