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Wedding Planning Status

Other than the setback with the apostilles on our birth certificates, our wedding plans continue to chug along smoothly. Granted, we still have some loose ends to tie up, but overall this is pretty easy. I find that whenever I'm freaking out about something, it's really just me creating drama that I THINK is there, when it's really not a big deal.

I battled with my iTunes for over a weekend - yes, I'm using my iPod for the wedding - and was getting frustrated but I got it all figured out, and purchased a bunch of new music. Ahem...not necessarily for the wedding; songs I've wanted for a long time. BUT, I did get an instrumental song for "walking down the aisle," and also chose the song for the end when Clint and I are heading back. Not sure he's as enthusiastic about it as I am, but let's be honest: unless it's something from Mötley Crüe, he won't like it :)

Those are the only 2 songs during the ceremony; everything else on the iPod will be for the reception. And, since there will NOT be a dance, all we have to do is throw on a bunch of Sinatra-type songs and we're good to go.

My Dress/Attire
My dress was safely tucked away in the downstairs closet until last week when I had my first fitting. I'd gained several pounds since I'd tried it on in October, but that just means the alterations will be cheaper, since she won't have to take it in! I have another fitting planned for the end of next week, and if she needs to let the hips out (let's face it, when I work out I get a tad rounder :) then we'll plan another quick fitting for the week afterward.

The alterations gal is SUPER-nice and very accommodating, since she'll have had only 1 month to get in 3 fittings and all the altering. Mom's leaving for PV on February 4th and she's bringing the dresses down with her since she'll go first-class. Thanks, Mom - makes it a lot less stressful for ME to travel!

I have my shoes, I have my hair thingies...I'm all set!

Clint's Attire
We haven't even purchased anything for Clint yet...I guess we'd better get crackin' on that. I've already done the research on pants/shirts; it's just a matter of actually getting them. Of course, according to him, all he needs is a pair of flip-flops, swim trunks and his "tux t-shirt". My mom didn't laugh at that one :)

I'm heading up North tomorrow for my first bridal shower. It's going to have an undercurrent of "horse" since it's basically all the horseback riding lady friends! Should be interesting. I have a feeling there'll be games - which I despise - but I get fed and evidently I get gifts. Plus I get a weekend up at the Bernier Ranch & Spa, which is always good.

The following weekend is THE shower/bachelorette party, hosted by my sister and long-time friend, Kristen. It's not the buck-for-a-suck type of bach party; more like a we're-over-thirty-and-we-just-want-a-night-of-dinner-and-drinks get-together. Evidently it's being held at Muffuletta in St. Paul. We'll hang out for dinner and drinks, then whomsoever wishes can make the short trek over to the Dubliner Pub for Irish music and more cocktails. Even Mom is coming!

Last - but not least - my soon-to-be aunt-in-law is throwing a shower for the Danks' side of the family the first weekend in February. I thought that was extremely nice of her, considering she'll have just returned from a long vacation in New Mexico visiting grandbabies. Thanks, Aunt Vickie!

Whew. I think that's about it. And the rest, as they say, is in the details...