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One Month to Wedding

As of today, I have exactly 1 month to prepare for my wedding.


However, Clint's clothes - along with those of his best man - have been tried on, purchased and tucked safely away.

We're in the process of obtaining a true head-count and choosing the meal for the reception; I still have yet to compile the iTunes playlist or figure out the sand ceremony.

Details, details...

On a much less stressful note, my "bachelorette" party is this Saturday! Should be fun - and relaxing vs. wild. Let's face it, I'm 30 now :) Dinner, drinks, and LOTS of chatting sounds perfect to me!

I also have my 2nd dress fitting tomorrow afternoon...I have a feeling she'll need to let out the hip area a bit, since I'm a bit rounder than I was post-Italy. In my defense, it's from strengthening muscles, not gaining fat. Doesn't mean I'm not watching the diet more than ever now!


Nicole Bodem said...

The 30 day count down, how exciting. Just remember to take time for yourselfs, especially on the day of.

I personally ran around like a mad women and looking back regret not stopping to take a few breaths and really enjoying the significance of the day.

I can't wait to see pictures!