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Oregon Trip Photos

Our Oregon trip in September was SO much fun. I touched on the highlights of it in my previous post about this topic, but didn't at the time have any photos saved to this computer (my laptop).

Here are a few images:

Waterfall Kiss

In order (left to right, top to bottom) they are as follows:
1) Clint & I at the coast
2) View of the coast driving up the mountain towards Mt. Hood
3) Multnomah Falls
4) Multnomah Falls view from the Trail
5) Our footprints on the beach
6) Mt. Hood
7) Cheesy Waterfall Kiss

Yes, we took a cheesy photo. Whaddaya do. Next time I'll bring my tripod and set it up properly - but this wasn't a bad job for having my camera teetering on a rock and hurrying up because there was a group of "tourons" that all of a sudden showed up and was waiting to photograph the falls.
All in all, it was a BLAST and we can't wait to go back - especially to the coast. It was gorgeous.
That's all for today - - -