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Anniversary of Nascency

Q: On average, how many birthdays does a woman have?
A: One.

Q: On average, how many birthdays does a woman celebrate?

A: Hopefully more than 28.

Ha. That's my attempt at humor - which is pretty good, considering my blood sugar is rapidly plummeting. It's almost time to dive into the erstwhile-full bag of Jelly Bellies sitting at my desk. It's a vicious cycle, though, because you eat something, and you get all jacked up on sugar, but then you have that much farther to fall when you "come down". I should know better by now.

Anyway. So I'm turning 29 - though not until 8:05pm tonight. I'm enjoying my last precious hours on this earth as a mere 28-year-old. *Sigh* Who'm I kidding - this birthday is just like a myriad of others that don't "mean" anything.

Now, NEXT year, that'll be something else. I might have to be sedated to make it through the day. Kidding. Maybe.

Enough about me - Lil' Z's birthday was this past Tuesday...she's 1 year old! I still consider her a puppy, but I swear she's changed in the past week again to look more streamlined and mature. Keeps changing colors, too - some days I think she'll end up being dark, others she has almost a strawberry-blonde tone to her fur. It's weird.

Speaking of Zada, I can't believe I haven't updated her pictures yet...maybe tomorrow I'll take a portrait of the 2 of us - the birthday girls!

Hopefully the weather's nice tomorrow...supposed to be heading up in a hot air balloon over the St. Croix. Evidently it's tradition to have a glass of champagne when you land; I'm thinking I'm going to ask for it beforehand so I'm calmer. Not quite sure how I'll handle being WAAAY up in the air in a tiny basket! Fingers crossed that I can let go of whatever I'm clutching onto long enough to snap some photos. This is all if the weather cooperates, because there's only about a 20% chance we'll even be able to go - since they're pretty strict with wind speed and the like.

Well, I'd best get back to work...yes, I'm at WORK on my birthday. How sad that all my friends are here, so what'd be the point of taking a day off anyway?!

(PS: I'm thinking of you today, Kwistin!)