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Random Thought

Why is it that of all the days to have an inner ear blockage, it has to be the day that the whole company will gather at Nicollet Island for an afternoon of drinking and conviviality? I.e., this morning, after I slunk out of bed at 4:47am and was making my bed, I almost fell twice, and later, while walking Z, I couldn't walk a straight line for the life of me. Not sure if it's the sinus cavities that're pressing on everything or some random head cold...either way, the equilibrium ain't what it normally is today.

Which circles me back to the point - I'm going to look like a drunken sailor at the work function, even though I won't have had a drop to drink. Now, this begs the question - do I go around telling everyone that I have an inner ear imbalance, or do I just not say anything?

Maybe a couple drinks will balance me out. Then again, maybe not.

Either way, I got 2 free T-shirts from the company for our event. Which is gouda.

Like the cheese.