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It's Finally Summer...?

It would seem that summer is here at last in Minnesota - maybe. Don't pack up all the winter clothes yet, because the last time we were teased with an 80-degree day, we ended up having an inch of snow a week later. I guess that's not true, since last Saturday was quite warm and we're still enjoying the nice weather.

One thing the warmth is good for is tiring out your dog. I can definitely tell when it's hot to be wearing a constant fur coat because Zada doesn't take very long to tire out. Dani and I took the dogs on the Helping Paws Run & Romp yesterday in Shoreview, and it was gorgeous for us but the dogs' tongues were lolling halfway to the ground. Again, with working line German shepherds (or any other high-energy dog) that's a good thing :)

She was very good with all the other dogs / people around, so that was a relief...she still doesn't listen very well or heel as nicely as I'd like, but overall, she's coming along nicely (and I'm a bit too demanding with an 8-month-old pup sometimes).

However, right now I'm debating on whether or not to take her and Hogan to the dog park this afternoon...last weekend, she started back on her rough/loud "attack play mode" again, and while it's not harming anyone, per se, it's not appropriate, people freak out when they see a 50-lb German shepherd puppy "coming after" their dog. I don't want to be THAT GIRL at the dog park...again :)

So, we'll see. Maybe we'll just go for a nice, long walk on the parkway and then park it under a tree somewhere and watch the world go by. That's nice to do, too.

No new pictures yet...I have a couple of her, but nothing important enough to make me head downstairs, get the camera, hook it up and load them. Feeling pretty lazy today, actually.

That's about it for now...I should probably get going and exercise my dog :)

Long Time no Blog...

Life continues on as usual in my neck of the woods...I seem to be distancing myself from blogging, so I'll try to make a conscience effort to spam the internet (as my team lead, Julie, would say, "make the internet cry") with more random, useless information.

Lil' Z (as I fondly call her) continues to grow and little furry baby is now 51.5 pounds as of last Wednesday (at dog obedience). She is not yet 8 months I can only imagine at what weight she'll tip the scales when it's all said and done.

We started Level II of the obedience program I'm in - that was last Wed. There are 2 dogs (and 3 owners) in this class from my last one, and I thoroughly get a kick out of my friends, the couple with the English bulldog puppy. (Who, by the way, at 5 months old outweighs Z by 4 pounds!) We're going over some of the basics from Level I and honing the details...but Zada is coming along QUITE nicely, I must say. We're still working on "heel", but I hadn't been very consistent with that one so considering I just started knit-picking today, she was responding with excellence.

(Right now she's laying on the kitchen rug snoring away...)

I'll have to take some pictures to document her growth - also, her reverse-skunk stripe. It's gotten wider and darker, but I'm still awaiting the full-body takeover that eventually will mark her ascent into adulthood...I mean, in regards to color, that is :)

Kozie's Shepherds (where I got Zada) has 2 litters that should be ready to go in a couple weeks.

Tonight will be our 2nd night of Level II, and though I do enjoy going, it'd be nice if it was at a more "decent" hour - since I'm a grandma and like to be home and settling in around about the time I leave for class. Oh well.

Speaking of, it's about that time to start getting ready to head out.

Hasta la later - - -

PS - My new favorite group: The Fray