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Long Time no Blog...

Life continues on as usual in my neck of the woods...I seem to be distancing myself from blogging, so I'll try to make a conscience effort to spam the internet (as my team lead, Julie, would say, "make the internet cry") with more random, useless information.

Lil' Z (as I fondly call her) continues to grow and little furry baby is now 51.5 pounds as of last Wednesday (at dog obedience). She is not yet 8 months I can only imagine at what weight she'll tip the scales when it's all said and done.

We started Level II of the obedience program I'm in - that was last Wed. There are 2 dogs (and 3 owners) in this class from my last one, and I thoroughly get a kick out of my friends, the couple with the English bulldog puppy. (Who, by the way, at 5 months old outweighs Z by 4 pounds!) We're going over some of the basics from Level I and honing the details...but Zada is coming along QUITE nicely, I must say. We're still working on "heel", but I hadn't been very consistent with that one so considering I just started knit-picking today, she was responding with excellence.

(Right now she's laying on the kitchen rug snoring away...)

I'll have to take some pictures to document her growth - also, her reverse-skunk stripe. It's gotten wider and darker, but I'm still awaiting the full-body takeover that eventually will mark her ascent into adulthood...I mean, in regards to color, that is :)

Kozie's Shepherds (where I got Zada) has 2 litters that should be ready to go in a couple weeks.

Tonight will be our 2nd night of Level II, and though I do enjoy going, it'd be nice if it was at a more "decent" hour - since I'm a grandma and like to be home and settling in around about the time I leave for class. Oh well.

Speaking of, it's about that time to start getting ready to head out.

Hasta la later - - -

PS - My new favorite group: The Fray