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Favorite iPhone Photos from 2013

This past December I passed my 1-year anniversary of owning my very first iPhone. It took me a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to "make the change," but boy am I glad I did. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook you MIGHT notice that I take pictures & check in. A LOT.

Well, maybe it's because for the several years I had OTHER "smartphones" I wasn't able to do that. Very often. Or at all...just ask my friends how long it took to cue up the camera on my Droid. I think we counted 8 Mississippis before it turned on. I was sick of it.

So I took the plunge and allowed my husband to purchase the iPhone 5 for me. Instantly I was hooked. You know, just as soon as I figured out what all the little bubble boxes were for ;) I was off and running, and just the other day I made a startling discovery: I took more photos with my iPhone than I did with my point-and-shoot camera in 2013.

While my DSLR still won the battle overall, I was shocked that I'd used my phone THAT much. To that end, I decided to throw together a compilation of my favorite iPhone images from 2013.

Most – if not all – of these have already graced the social media outlets, but it was fun looking back on them and remembering the stories associated with each.