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Playing Around with My Life-Size Converter EF Lens

The other day I "found" something fun in my camera bag: my Canon Life-Size Converter EF lens.

I've had it for several years but hadn't really used it that much. So, last weekend while tending to my pretty little garden I decided to dust off that macro converter lens, break out the tripod and see what happened (also, I happened to find snails in my plants so that's what started the whole macro lens photography session).

After shooting with the converter lens that day, I realized I've never really gotten into macro photography. So, the life-size converter and the 50mm lens have stayed on the camera (and the tripod) for over a week and I've been continuing to try it out on the flowers.

Since Zada likes to follow me out onto the deck to hang out while I'm "gardening," it was only a matter of time before I turned the lens on her.

Now, my tripod's not very low-to-the-ground friendly, so I had to take the camera off the tripod to take Z's's a good thing she keeps so still when I ask her to.

No tripod, camera lying on the ground, trying to focus on a specific portion of the frame and hoping she stays still enough to get a crisp was interesting. Not that she did anything; I had to contort myself into some weird positions to get it done.

But, as usual, my good girl was ever the willing model and I ended up getting some pretty neat shots.

I think the next time I go to Como Conservatory I'll be bringing the converter lens along so I can try it out on more types of flowers than I have on the deck...

It's been fun re-examining macro but as of today I have to take off the little lens and change it out for one that's much, much bigger: a 70-200mm telephoto lens. I'll be shooting a softball game so I need all the lens length I can get (although the telephoto lens will still give great depth of field). We'll see how that goes.

Most likely, once I returned the big lens (it's rented), the macro photography will resume at Casa de Danks.