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Snapshot of My Week

I don't have time to write much right now, since my tea is rapidly cooling and I have yet to lie down on the couch and watch TGWTDT. Yes, I know...I'm behind the times -- not only did I NOT see it in the theater, I didn't watch it the first day it came out on disc, either. Tsk.

Anyway, here's a quick snapshot of what I did this week:

  1. Shot some new stuff (photography-wise).
  2. Cleaned the house.
  3. Took more pictures of Z.
  4. Enjoyed the abnormal March Minnesota weather.
  5. Optimized some websites.
  6. Went out to eat with The Hubby.
  7. Created a new PPC account.
  8. Hung out with Mom.
  9. Paid bills.
  10. Chatted a LOT with Mom.
  11. Ran some errands.
  12. Got Olive an oil change.
  13. Went out to eat with The Neighbors (owners of Coyote Bait on a Stick).
  14. Decided I'll do nothing more this evening than watch The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (my to-do list will still be there tomorrow).

So that's about it. 

Oh, except for numerous walks and stick-throwing sessions with my ever-present companion, Z :)