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Lettuce Wrap Tacos

This summer my friend decided to join a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture). Little did she know her fridge would be inundated with lettuce. After snarfing more salads than she could count, she started asking around at work for think-outside-the-box lettuce recipes. I promptly replied with "lettuce wraps" – be nice, I'm not very inventive in the kitchen.

To my credit, I DID suggest using tuna fish salad, egg salad, etc. in said lettuce wraps. I guess that would make them "lettuce sandwiches" more so than wraps, but whatever.

She must've thought I was a prime suspect – I mean, candidate – to try out my own recipes because she came into work a few days later bearing a gift of lettuce. Suddenly, I was the one wondering what to do with all these leafy greens.

I decided to put my idea into action one night when I had the house to myself (read: no husband to feed) and leftover taco fixings. Since I was too lazy to fry up some shells (that's right, I flash-fry corn tortillas 'cause it's SO YUMMY and that's what Mom always did) I figured I could use my new supply of lettuce leaves.

It was delish – and unbelievably light – albeit a tad messy.

The other night, I once again found myself alone for dinner with leftover taco ingredients. This time, instead of the deep green, large lettuce from my friend's CSA, all I had on hand was iceberg lettuce (which we all know is basically worthless unless you're thirsty). While not chock-full of nutrients, it was much easier to eat my healthy tacos out of these conveniently bowl-shaped leaves. Plus the iceberg gave the tacos a nice, crisp crunch the other leaves didn't.

I think next on the list is actually finding a lettuce wrap recipe (somewhat akin to P.F. Chang's) and do it up all the way. We'll see. For now, I'm pleased I "found" a very healthy variety of least when Clint's gone, anyway :)