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Tea At The Mad Hatter Tea Room in Anoka

In May The Girls talked me into going to tea. Going to a tea. Going to have tea. Whatever – you know what I mean. That sort of thing is really more up their alley than mine; they talked me into it because they said we'd go antiquing afterwards and also that I could change out of my dress after tea.

Yes, they not only got me to go have tea, they got me to wear a dress. They must really be good friends...

I'm not sure if it was a Groupon deal or not, but we went to the Mad Hatter Tea Room in Anoka, Minnesota. It was a four-course tea (I believe it was the Queen of Hearts Tea; they have several tea options) complete with scones, salad, finger sandwiches, dessert and, of course, tea. All the tea we could drink, as a matter of fact. And drink we did.

Another thing about the Mad Hatter Tea Room – or maybe it's all high teas, I'm not sure – it's encouraged to wear hats. Not just any hats...fancy hats. Hats much like the ones Granny Bernier used to make, in fact. Makes me wish I'd have taken one or two of them when I had the chance..

Anyway, if you don't have your own hat to wear to tea, the Mad Hatter provides many options for you. We all chose the best hats that complemented our outfits (I really just chose the lesser of all the evils; I only wore it for the picture :) and proceeded to sit down to our cute little table.

At first I thought I wouldn't get enough to eat – I like my meat-and-potatoes meals – but to my surprise it was not only enough to eat, it was delicious. We started off with the scones course: two scones with cream, preserves and fruit. I'm not really very interested in scones, muffins, or any other sweet breakfast-y foods, but these scones were fabulous, I have to admit.

Our next course was couscous salad with cucumber and tomatoes, accompanied by herbed focaccia wedges. Yum! And more tea.

Next on the menu was a plate of assorted finger sandwiches (yes, I WILL toast my cucumber sandwich!). While taking miniscule bites of my tiny sandwiches and sipping my tea, I had to admit: this was fun. (Sshhhhhhh.)

Our last course was dessert: chai tiramisu. And it was scrumptious. And it went beautifully with our tea (we probably consumed four pots that day).

At the end of our repast, we were full (or, at least, not hungry), had eaten delicious food, consumed tasty tea and were ready to check out some antiques. (And, I was ready to get into my jeans & cowboy boots again!)

Twas a fun day and I'm sure I'll get talked into doing it again some day...especially since I have a niece who LOVES doing girly things and I think Sophia would love it if Auntie Sarah took her to tea.

We'll see :) Evidently it wasn't the highlight of my day, since this was my Facebook status: